Saturday, January 4, 2014

Gerry's Suffrage Crazy Quilt

Gerry Krueger is making a spectacular crazy quilt on the theme of Women's Suffrage.

It has nothing to do with the Grandmother's Choice Sampler but I thought you'd be impressed.

She's printed some of the many online photos of the fight for the women's rights and embellished them in late- Victorian-style.

See her progress at her OlderRose blog site.

This link should show all her posts on her suffrage quilt:


  1. What a neat beautiful idea to use treasures of the past and the pictures of women's right.

  2. So beautiful - an absolute treasure!

  3. this is wonderful. Makes me wonder if there was a label designed for the grandmother's choice quilt? I need to make one and would like the theme of the suffragettes


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