Wednesday, February 13, 2013

We Are Half Done!

Connie B is using Morris prints
Half of 49 blocks is 24-1/2, and here it is mid week after Block 24. According to my math we are half way there.

Cynthia H.

I took some screenshots off our Flickr page so you can get an idea of how others are progressing.


I've grabbed these over the past few months so most of you are probably even further along now.
I did a little PhotoShopping on some of them, cropping them, squaring them up and brightening the light.


I took this photo myself and PhotoShop can't fix out of focus.


There are some great color ideas in play here.

Flobis31 has hers sewn together too.

Purples and gold...

purple and gold in different shades

Yet another take on the violet with the British green and white.

Setting it together with a counterchange frame---
alternating dark and light borders on the blocks.

Rosemary is recalling a cheery 1930s look.

Spiral is using the American gold theme

Becky's got her green blocks sewn together with a pop of pink.

Dustin's going to do a medallion, 
grouping all his different colorways in areas.

I have the last Saturday on my calendar as August 3.
Congratulations to all who are keeping up!


  1. I am having great fun with this. My Civil War BOW just. Got back from my longarmer's and is hung on my balcony wall.

  2. I'm very happy to see these different quilts, they are all beautifull

  3. Thanks for including my "gold" version! What fun it is to see the other color inspirations! This is a great project, and your history lessons are awesome.

    Jeanne - Spiral

  4. Love to see everyone's versions!

  5. very interesting to see the blocks together in each versions !
    thank you Barbara !

  6. Thanks for including me in your picture tour today :) I have more done than that picture shows but I am a couple blocks behind again...darn life gets in the way, lol! I have been really enjoying your history lessons as much as the quilt blocks...I have learned a lot, thank you!

  7. Is there any way to get past posts since I found your blog late and missed a lot of the blocks? Nancy:

  8. Wow, what wonderful work people are doing! Thank you so much for posting these. It's good to see where people are, and how different it looks in different fabrics.

  9. So exciting to see my blocks on your blog. I have been reading the history parts avidly, and having fun with the the quilt parts.
    Thank you!

  10. It is amazing to see what each quilter is doing! One of the highlights of my week is to check out the Flickr page to see what everyone has made! Thanks for sharing these. I am having tons of fun with these blocks and learning so much! I have just 2 blocks to catch up on; the Parasol and Little Boys Breeches. I have all the other ones done so far. Thank you so much for having this Block of the Week program!

  11. I am having so much fun with this block of the week! Thank you!! I am always looking forward to seeing what the new block is on Saturday.

  12. I just finished # 24 - can't believe I am half way there!
    will post a new group shot tomorrow.

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  14. Thank you for posting my blocks, so interesting to see the different Fabrics everyone is choosing. Always love the journey part.

  15. It's amazing how different the same blocks all look when made up/pieced with different fabrics, my favourite is Cynthia H's but they're all great.