Saturday, September 14, 2013

Variations on the Theme

4 Kansas Sunflower
FranceA at PassionPatchwork

 If you read our Flickr page you'll have noticed this set of rectangular blocks by FranceA

43 Star of Hope
She's redrafting the patterns to rectangles and adding a few buttons.

45 Aunt Mary's Favorite
I love the vintage look in her purples.

She says she likes to draw, so she is doing the redrafting by hand.

Kathie at Magpie Memories
has assembled her top as a strip quilt for a wall hanging.

with a strip of embroidered blocks of Australian houses.
These are 4" Blocks!

Deafmantim has done two tops,
one in the gold of the American colors of yellow and white.

And one adding the purple and greens.
There are words appliqued in the border here,
"Votes For Women" at the top...

You blog- followers have really outdone yourselves in coming up with ideas to individualize these blocks. Thank you very much. I will have fun posting more variations in the weeks to come. 


  1. Thank you so much Barbara for posting some of my rectangular blocks. I loved this challenge. But a small precision my name is not Aline but FranceA.
    Have a nice weekend

  2. These are amazing quilts! Very inspirational! I plan to use the triple sashing that Becky used, but it will take me awhile. I haven't started yet! Thanks again for a great BOW!

  3. The quilts you chose this week are some of my favorites.

  4. What wonderful ideas. It's so great to see what people have done.