Saturday, December 8, 2012

15. Centennial: New Zealand's Victory

Centennial by Becky Brown

Centennial recalls the 1993 celebration of New Zealand's honorable position as the first country to enfranchise all women in all elections.

 New Zealanders proudly displayed their voting rights
in a Washington parade, an image from the Library of Congress.

In 1993 Queen Elizabeth II created the New Zealand Suffrage Centennial medal to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the passing of the Suffrage Bill on September 19, 1893. Each year September 19th is remembered as Suffrage Day or White Camellia Day because supporters of votes for women wore white camellias.

 New Zealanders have remembered  their suffrage
 leader with a Kate Sheppard variety of camellia.

Kate Sheppard (1847-1934) is also recalled on a stamp

New Zealand sent marchers to England to show the way.

Centennial by Becky Brown
BlockBase #2899

September 2013 will be the 120th anniversary of New Zealand's ground-breaking law. We'll be ready for the celebration with Centennial, a pattern given the name by the American magazine Hearth and Home about a hundred years ago.

Cutting an 8" Finished Block
The red measurements use the EQ 1/16" default instead of the 1/8" default.
A - Cut 4 squares 2-1/2" (2-1/2")
B - Cut 1 square 5-1/4". (5-3/16")

Cut with 2 diagonal cuts to make 4 triangles. You need 4 triangles.
C - Cut 2 squares 3-1/4". (3-3/16")

Cut with 2 diagonal cuts to make 4 triangles. You need 8 triangles.

D - Cut 4 rectangles 1-7/8" x 3-3/8" (1-15/16" x 3-5/16")
E - Cut 1 square 3-3/8" (3-5/16")

By Dustin Cecil

New Zealand shows England's old fogies
 the future in this postcard from the
Artists' Suffrage League

By Georgann Eglinski

Read more about Kate Sheppard here:
Click here to see a native New Zealander's quilt in the Museum of New Zealand


  1. How interesting! I'm surprised one country of the Commonwealth voted suffrage, and not all at the same time. History is full of surprises!

  2. This is a great series! :-)

    Kate Shepphard is also on our $10 note here in New Zealand, so most of us see her face most days.