Saturday, September 28, 2013

Purple Tops and Purple Buttons

QuiltyCat's color choices unified her sampler blocks. Note the different
shades of green and violet in the cornerstones: scrappy yet tied together.

Many of you put your blocks together with purple sashings and borders, using the symbolic colors of the English suffragettes, who used a variety of names and a variety of purples. Their consistent emphasis on 
violet, green and white communicated their message and their identity as the most radical of the British groups.

Cookie's Creek sashed with a purple print,
the background of her sunflower block in the center.

Beryl used many purple shades in the sashing cornerstone squares.

Karen in Tucson (1 of 3 tops)
She's framed a variety of violets with a bright purple inner border.

Susan at Stitching Witch
Purples pushed almost to grays. She also used grayed vintage photos.

Scroll down to recent posts to see how other quilters used a range of violets.

And see a post I did on Marci H's blocks here:

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Voilà les 49 blocs assemblés

Voilà les 49 blocs assemblés par Anne Marie
[There you have it! The 49 blocs assembled by Anne Marie.]

My college French remains trés mauvais (very bad) but I can still read a little and I am having a good time trying to translate our French followers' captions on finished quilts.

Blocks sont assemblé par Claudine
[Blocks finished by Claudine.]

C'est magnifique!
[Loose translation: I luv 'em.]

Blogger tells you everyday where your audience lives.
I recolored their map to show where the Grandmother's Choice
readers are.
The darkest blue-green is in the U.S., next is France, then Canada and Australia.

C'est magnifique!

Sorry to all the French readers for the execrable French.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Variations on the Theme

4 Kansas Sunflower
FranceA at PassionPatchwork

 If you read our Flickr page you'll have noticed this set of rectangular blocks by FranceA

43 Star of Hope
She's redrafting the patterns to rectangles and adding a few buttons.

45 Aunt Mary's Favorite
I love the vintage look in her purples.

She says she likes to draw, so she is doing the redrafting by hand.

Kathie at Magpie Memories
has assembled her top as a strip quilt for a wall hanging.

with a strip of embroidered blocks of Australian houses.
These are 4" Blocks!

Deafmantim has done two tops,
one in the gold of the American colors of yellow and white.

And one adding the purple and greens.
There are words appliqued in the border here,
"Votes For Women" at the top...

You blog- followers have really outdone yourselves in coming up with ideas to individualize these blocks. Thank you very much. I will have fun posting more variations in the weeks to come. 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Virtual Quilt Show

Grandmother's Choice by

You may have noticed Connie's blocks over the past year...

Masterful fussy cutting of William Morris reproductions...

in a lovely madder and indigo color scheme.

No matter what I threw at her she had a solution.

Terrific, Connie.

She set 49 blocks in the same set Becky used for
the Civil War Sampler last year.

Somebody suggested we need to have a quilt show.
That would be terrific but until we can figure out
how to pay for all that international shipping,
the virtual show will have to do.

And do quite nicely.
Go to our Flickr page where Dustin keeps things going.

I noticed today that we have over 300 members
who have posted about 4,000 photos.

Now that's a quilt show!

I've been lurking around the site, uploading some finished tops.
Squaring them up a little
Grandmother's Choice 
By Barbara B (another one, not me!)

74" square with narrow sashing. 
(She didn't like her block 48 so she invented her own).

BB wants to know: "Any thoughts on quilting designs for these quilts?"
I'll have to think on that. Some imagery from the posters, buttons and graphics perhaps?

Pink Deenster has been using a fresh color scheme of turquoise and black
and red with lots of plaids and pattern.

Pink Deenster
Here's her set.

Pati did a second set in red, white and blue for a See How We Sew post.

You are all so inspirational I am going to have to think of another sampler.
Becky and I are planning a 2014 block of the month for the Civil War Quilts site beginning in January
but a block of the week is too much fun!

I'll think about it - history and patterns.
I enjoy writing it and love seeing the results.