Saturday, September 21, 2013

Voilà les 49 blocs assemblés

Voilà les 49 blocs assemblés par Anne Marie
[There you have it! The 49 blocs assembled by Anne Marie.]

My college French remains trés mauvais (very bad) but I can still read a little and I am having a good time trying to translate our French followers' captions on finished quilts.

Blocks sont assemblé par Claudine
[Blocks finished by Claudine.]

C'est magnifique!
[Loose translation: I luv 'em.]

Blogger tells you everyday where your audience lives.
I recolored their map to show where the Grandmother's Choice
readers are.
The darkest blue-green is in the U.S., next is France, then Canada and Australia.

C'est magnifique!

Sorry to all the French readers for the execrable French.


  1. I'm surprised you don't have followers in Japan where traditional American quilts are also popular. There should be some way to let them know about your blogs.

  2. Votre français est très bon! N'en soyez pas gênée. Don't be shy of your french. It's very good. Maybe my english is not perfect but I try and that's the important thing: try. Others people will understand that when it's not our usual language. Bonne semaine!

  3. Hello I'm french, I love your blog and I do all the sampler you offer us... I'm living in LA REUNION Island (a french island) near mauritius island and it's down Madagascar... just to make you know that people who are were far away... are listen to you !!! thank you for all what you offer us !!! I've finish all the blocks of grand mother's choice- I have to make the top now- I'm quilting this from last year at this moment- and sorry for my bad english !!! kisses !!! domy

  4. bravo et merci Barbara de nous faire partager le beau travail des quilteuses du monde !

  5. hola desde españa .cantabria pra ser mas exactos estoy haciendo de sus bellas obras,muchas gracias

  6. Bravo aux Françaises qui ont déjà assemblé leur top ! Je suis malheureusement à la traîne, mais je le finirai un jour :-)

    Merci infiniment Barbara, pour tout ce que nous avons appris sur la condition féminine grâce à ce blog et ce sampler.

  7. Merci Barbara pour ce beau projet et pour ce bon cours d'histoire. Quelle belle aventure et quelle merveille au final de voir tous ces quilts assemblés. Le mien est en cours d'assemblage