Saturday, August 10, 2013

Becky's Finished Green Grandmother's Choice

Becky Brown
Grandmother's Choice Sampler 2012-13
86" x 86"
49 eight-inch finished blocks

Becky and I have been keeping this quilt a secret with a struggle. It looks so good I've been tempted to show it earlier, but then you'd know where we were going and it would ruin the surprise.

She began with the setting pattern here:

She added an inner border---see directions below.

Becky Brown
15 Centennial

Becky Brown
38 Nonsense

Every week we've shown two of Becky's blocks in a different palette. This one is the pink and green quilt. (We'll show you the purple version next week.)

She used a lot of chintz-style prints for her fussy cutting so when it came time to set it (early last year) she found some chintz prints in plum from my early reproduction line called Lately Arrived From London.

This line is several years old (2011) so it takes
 a little digital searching to find any.
But any dark, large-scale chintzes would do.


Lately Arrived from London
"Little Molly" in plum
The sashing strips are a small-scale chintz.

49 blocks finishing to 8"
Sashing strips and corner stones finishing to 2" 
         Strips: Cut 112 sashing strips 2-1/2" x 8-1/2" = 2 yards of fabric
         Cornerstones: Cut 64 cornerstones 2-1/2" square =  3/8 yard. 
The sashed blocks at this point finish to 72" square

She used pinks from Metropolitan Fair, last year's Civil War repro collection plus her stash for the cornerstone squares.


Becky added a 1" finished inner border to my pattern.
Inner Border:
     Cut 2 strips 1-1/2" x 72-1/2"
     Cut 2 strips 1-1/2" x 74-1/2"

"Old Curiosity Shop"
in Celery Salad Green
from Metropolitan Fair

The inner border is this rainbow or shaded print from Metropolitan Fair. 
EQ says you can get by on 1/2" yard if you piece the strips.

The outer border is from
Lately Arrived from London,
"Seaflower" in plum.

Becky did not miter her border. (She says, "Sometimes the easy way is the best way.")  If you use a stripe here you might want to miter. So I'll give you directions for both.

Border with straight corner seams.
Cut 2 strips 6-1/2" x 74-1/2".
Cut 2 strips 6-1/2" x 86-1/2".

Mitered Border
Cut 4 strips 6-1/2" x 86-1/2"
You need 2-1/2 yards to cut these parallel to the selvages.

For Mitering:
Add the inner green border first by piecing the sides and then the top and bottom. 
Do the same for the outer border

If you want to miter the border add all four sides and then stitch a miter. If you don't know how to do this do a web search for the words:
How to miter quilt border
You'll find lots of advice.

Becky---take a bow!


  1. Spectacular quilt Becky! Really gorgeous!
    I am so sad this quilt project is coming to an end...I have loved every minute of it. I am still finishing up the last few blocks and look forward to sewing my quilt top together.
    Thank you so much Barbara!

  2. Gorgeous Becky! Love this BOW as well as the history of women's rights, thank you Barbara for these wonderful projects. Humor, wonderful photos and history, always outstanding!

  3. Beautiful - Becky has been my inspiration for fussy cutting throughout this adventure. Great finish.

  4. wow wow and more wow, how I love this quilt

  5. Great job, Becky! I have loved seeing your blocks each week and the finished project is stunning, way to go! Thanks for sharing the setting/border instructions,I am still trying to decide how to put mine together.

  6. Ditto from me to the above comments! I loved this purple quilt! Laurie in NJ

  7. wow magnifique Becky, I love very much your top !

  8. I've loved this series but regret not getting in at the start. Will you be repeating it, Barbara? Please?

  9. Judy---You can always find the earlier posts by scrolling back through the "Blog Archive" at the bottom of the column on the right hand side. We started in 2012. Or go to the top of that right hand column and see the first picture of the suffragist at the very top. Click on her and it will take you to the first post. I'll leave the posts up here on the cloud for several years.

  10. What a great quilt and I absolutely loved the weekly "story-a-long" as well. Was an incredible movement with incredible brave women. Thanks so much for sharing the series and, mostly, the stories. Am looking forward to finishing!! Thanks again!!

  11. I have made only a few blocks but completing the quilt is on "my list"! This is such a great project, not only the quilt blocks but the history lessons. Thank you!

  12. Barbara, thanks so much! This has been so interesting. Saturday morning was different without a block and story to go with my morning coffee. I was glad to have this lovely quilt to ease the withdrawal. I have to sew on the last row, and then more crazy patch blocks to go around the quilt.

  13. I too, have loved following this quilt series. Altho I have not yet begun to make this quilt, it is definitely on my list of things to do. Having the history to go along with it, makes it all the more priceless. You have done a wonderful job. Thank you a million times over!

  14. Barbara, I sure missed getting a new block on Saturday and reading why a particular block was selected. Becky, your quilt is gorgeous!!!! Your sashing and pink cornerstones goes so well with your outer border, then the green inner border adds the perfect touch. Thanks again Barbara & Becky!!!!

  15. It's just beautiful! Becky's creative use of fabrics and perfect workmanship have been SO inspiring. I'm looking forward to seeing the purple version too--I'm sure it will be wonderful!

  16. I was so lucky to find this blog and block a week from the beginning. I've finished every one. This has been great fun. Your quilt top is gorgeous. I'm now looking forward to putting my blocks together. I also enjoyed the history lessons that came along with each block. You have done a great job of this. Thank you.

  17. This quilt is beautiful, I love the colors you chose. Barbara, I have learned so much history from this Grandmother's Choice blog. Thank you!

  18. Thanks, everyone, for all your nice comments about my quilt. Sewing Barbara's blocks and getting such interesting history lessons made for a great project. I love seeing all the blocks/quilts that others have made each week. Wouldn't it be fun if we could have a REAL quilt show of all our GC quilts - guess I'd have to hurry up and get them quilted!

    Please keep posting your finished tops so we can have our electronic version of a quilt show.

  19. Barbara - take a bow for super computer skills....

    Becky have enjoyed your quilt and some of your explanations.

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