Saturday, October 19, 2013

Jo's Top

Grandmother's Choice
by Jo Tokla
68" x 79"

Jo has finished her sampler top---Blocks on point with striped edge triangles and a checkerboard border.

She used grays and yellows.
And kept up with the weekly block.

With a few improvements by her.

She couldn't do a Sunbonnet Sue so here's an adaptation of an old Nancy Page design
for the Brother/Sister Quilt

Her coffee cup is positively 3-D.

Read her blog post here:
Her layout sketches from EQ7 are here.


  1. Original and fabulous! Never seen that color combination, but like it a lot. Thanks Barbara and Jo Tokla.

  2. I looked forward every week to seeing how Jo's block looked. What a special treat to see it highlighted here. Thanks so much.

  3. Jo did such a fabulous job on this quilt!