Saturday, October 5, 2013

Sets & Color

Rosemary used white to pull together a lot of color.

This week: Finished tops in alternate color schemes with
suffrage imagery. I've Photoshopped some of the pictures,
squaring them up and adding some parts missing from the photos.

Karen in Tucson
Bright colors side by side anchored with browns.

Color complements blue-green and red-orange in
an on-point set.

Artist Duncan Grant won a British poster contest
with Handicapped!

Color pulled together with a high-contrast check in
the cornerstones.

A 1916 Calendar

Quilting Piece by Piece
Icy blues and subtle golds

Coloring Outside the Lines
Jo Morton repros with an emphasis on muted greens
and warm browns.

Charlene's All Plaid
Red, white, blue and grayed shades.


  1. Barbara, thanks for posting on this topic. I find it amazing how different each quilt looks depending on the colors and setting of each block chosen by the quilter. But the block designs are the same!
    Thank you to Karen in Tucson, Rosemary, Ed, Honas52, Jo Morton and the Unknown Quilters of Quilting Piece by Piece and Charlene's All Plaid for 1) keeping up and 2) sending in pictures of their quilts!

  2. What a lovely display, with the color-corresponding posters!

  3. Thanks Barbara for posting the different versions of this quilt. They all look so different even though the blocks are the same.

  4. I love the virtual quilt show of all the different color/setting variations! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanks so much to host, Barbara, and all the quilters.Your versions are all so unique and beautiful! Inspires me to get out my blocks and start sewing!

  6. More wonderful quilts! I love seeing these each week.