Saturday, December 14, 2013

Karen's Top

Grandmother's Choice Sampler
By Karen at Kookaburra Calling

Karen enjoys applique. Her finished top features a stunning appliqued center. 

She has really pulled together a lot of very different blocks with careful color and fabric choices and by adding that strong central focus framed in a dark scallop.
The block is from Mimi's Bloomers at the One Piece At a Time Blog:

Pinks and tans and lavenders

The final border is another frame that unifies the whole elegant composition.

Great work!


  1. Love seeing this absolutely beautiful quilt again!

  2. This is the WINNER! Absolutely stunning and a terrific combination of the blocks and that incredible appliqué center. Love it!

  3. Each block was perfect, and the quilt is amazing.

  4. Karen's quilt is spectacular! The applique center is just stunning! I agree with Barbara, definitely the WINNER!