Saturday, December 28, 2013

Goodbye to 2013: Dustin's Blocks

Alice's Flag by Dustin Cecil

I chose to do this Block of the Week on Women's Rights in the year 2013 because 1913, a century ago, was such an active period in the fight. That last year before the first World War promised so much.

Goodbye to the Centennial year of Pre-War Life with a gallery of a few of Dustin Cecil's Grandmother's Choice blocks. He made two sets. These blocks are from his Scrappy group.

"My second set is going to be totally blind pulls from my scrap box. Anything goes." sez he.

He often added seams and changed the blocks to fit his scraps

See his Scrappy Blocks photostream here:

What a scrap box he must have!


  1. Very fun and creative blocks!
    I am sad to see this project come to an end.
    Thanks so much for all the knowledge and fun!

  2. Dustin Cecil has an "eye" for color combination and design that is different from any other quilter's that I've ever seen. I've so enjoyed seeing his blocks! Thanks, Barbara, for featuring his work.

  3. I so enjoyed this. I am a little more then halfway done as I got off track with a big trip this summer.

  4. thanks guys. I just have half of my scrappy sue, and my hero crown applique, then to think about the scrappy setting. My scrap box is pretty amazing, it is the same old ratty cardboard box that was mailed to me in college postmark may 10 2001. it's covered in stickers, and kittens, and cows. it's seen a lot of snippets come and go, get used, and used up.

    Happy New Year Everyone!

  5. Dustin, Seeing your blocks is always a joy. They are uniquely you and always make me smile.- especially love your umbrella. Your scrap box is full of fun stuff. ;-) Looking forward to sewing with you in 2014!

    Happy New Year!

  6. My favorite of these blocks is the umbrella, I have had some just like that.