Saturday, July 20, 2013

47. Heroine's Crown: Choose Your Own

Heroine's Crown by Becky Brown
AAA----Applique---but simple applique

We've mentioned many soldiers in the battles for women's rights but leave a long list of omissions. Some of the omissions are people who achieved enough fame to be remembered today, like Carrie Chapman Catt and Simone de Beauvoir.

Others are the anonymous heroes we see in these photos.

Every step forward had a woman unafraid to make a statement; every region had a leader; every sign had a standard bearer.

So with Hero's Crown we can recall someone whose name has been omitted---your great-Aunt, our first female Supreme Court Justice, my neighbor who insists we all vote. The applique block is from Ruth Finley's 1929 book Old Patchwork Quilts and the Women Who Made Them.
8" Pattern

12" Pattern

I lightened Becky's block so you could see the extra seams she added.

Cutting an 8" Block

Cut the background 8-1/2" or 12-1/2" square. Fold and press so you have guidelines for laying out the applique.

Cut templates (be sure to add seams) and then cut 4 of each piece except for C.
You only need one center circle C.
And really you only need 1 B cut as a single 4-lobed floral.
But Becky cut the floral B as 4 pieces
And here's why...

Heroine's Crown by Becky Brown
So she could fussy cut the floral.
Here's how she did that center floral.

She pieced these over freezer paper
Using a glue stick she glued the edges
and then whip stitched the 4 pieces together.

Very nice.

Heroine's Crown by Dustin Cecil

Do notice I don't have an applique by 
Georgann to show.
48 Blocks makes a very nice quilt too.

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