Saturday, August 24, 2013

Vicki Welsh Has Finished Two Tops

Jackie's Choice
by Vicki Welsh

29 Australia Star by Vicki Welsh

You may have noticed Vicki's blocks on our Flickr page. She's been making two sets. Because today is Vicki Welsh day on two of my blogs she was motivated to finish the tops she's been working on.

"Through the process I also figured out the names. While working on them I figured out that each one really reflected the personality of my grandmothers. The symmetry one will be called Jackie's Choice and the shibori one will be called Lura's Choice."  

Jackie's Choice in progress

38 Nonsense

Vicki loves to play with the fabric, cutting this set in kaleidoscope design inspired by Paula Nadelstern classes.

Brick Pavement

EQ7 Sketch of the set for a wall quilt of 30 blocks.

Vicki wrote:
"This is the layout for the symmetry version. The cornerstones will be quarter-square triangle kaleidoscope blocks. The brown in the EQ sketch is actually a black fabric with brown and steel blue dots. I think it will create a nice transition from the blocks to the hand-dyed black background."

To read more see Vicki's blog here. Scroll down to read the post:

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  1. An amazing setting. I love the fabrics Vicki used, making this unique to her and her own history.

  2. I have been following Vicki's progress on these blocks

  3. Those quilts are gorgeous and love the way the fabrics and pattern work in a total new way.


  4. These finished quilts that you are featuring are all amazing! They each look so different, I am completely shocked. Maybe a great book idea would be to profile finished quilts from these blocks. My quilt is not looking anything like any of these shown so far!

  5. Your fabric is beautiful and your interpretation of the patterns with your fabric is stunning. As you mentioned, I was one of those quilters afraid of hand dyes but recently ventured into using them for the variances of shading and color. I was very pleased with the result and have another project in mind.

  6. That fabric and arrangement are beyond beautiful. If only such fabrics were available to those of us who live so remotely in the woods of NE Washington state. :(

  7. These are wonderful, and a great example of how fabrics make the quilt look different. WOW

  8. I would love to have some of your beautiful fabric...esp. after seeing what you have done with it. Your quilts are so pretty.

  9. Rufina Otter-BitterAugust 25, 2013 at 3:11 AM

    I love the Jackie's Choise quilt. Especially how the fabric is used and the arrangement is made. Just beautiful.

  10. Beautiful quilts. I love the hand dyed fabrics!