Saturday, September 28, 2013

Purple Tops and Purple Buttons

QuiltyCat's color choices unified her sampler blocks. Note the different
shades of green and violet in the cornerstones: scrappy yet tied together.

Many of you put your blocks together with purple sashings and borders, using the symbolic colors of the English suffragettes, who used a variety of names and a variety of purples. Their consistent emphasis on 
violet, green and white communicated their message and their identity as the most radical of the British groups.

Cookie's Creek sashed with a purple print,
the background of her sunflower block in the center.

Beryl used many purple shades in the sashing cornerstone squares.

Karen in Tucson (1 of 3 tops)
She's framed a variety of violets with a bright purple inner border.

Susan at Stitching Witch
Purples pushed almost to grays. She also used grayed vintage photos.

Scroll down to recent posts to see how other quilters used a range of violets.

And see a post I did on Marci H's blocks here:


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  2. Thanks Barbara for posting my quilt top on your virtual quilt show..
    I loved the history of this BOW and how hard our Grandmothers had to fight for what we have today....
    Mandy (quiltycat) from OZ

  3. More gorgeous quilts!
    Seeing these quilts each week eases the withdrawal from getting a new block pattern each Saturday.

    1. Yes Marci its great seeing all the beautiful finished quilts each week

  4. it is wonderful how quilts look so different when worked in different colour ways